Big Brain Feelings

feeling long-unfelt feelings as I try to work on the graphic memoir about my brain injury

Big Brain Feelings

Folks, drawing this memoir is going to be such a PROCESS. But I need to do it – I feel like I've failed myself a bunch of times before on this and I don't want to do it again.

You can read the two comics I reference in the above comic! 2016's Little Brain: A Concussion Journey was the first thing I did with Little Brain, and was completed during 24-Hour Comics Day (a day where you take on the challenge of finishing a 24-panel comic in 24 hours). 2018's Little Brain's Guide to Post-Concussion Syndrome is a compact guide to what having long-term concussion symptoms is like, and is, to this date, the most popular thing I've ever created. I get a lot of comments from readers on it, mainly from people with TBIs who feel seen when they read it – something I hope my graphic memoir does, as well. Both, as you can probably tell, were drawn back before I started drawing on the iPad – they feel really old-timey to me, when I read them now.

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