Little Brain Goes to SPX

scenes from my first time tabling at the Small Press Expo

Little Brain Goes to SPX


i couldn't even come up with a good ending for this comic, weeks later

One of the things I kept thinking about when I was both tabling and drawing about tabling is that I used to do this so often! I did five shows in 2019 and was eager for more in 2020, until, you know.....

I really hope to do SPX again and hopefully some other big shows next year – getting to talk to people about comics and meet other cartoonists was kind of the boost I needed. This is pretty solitary work, most of the time.

I got quoted in The Comics Journal's report on SPX, and there's a photo of me looking at my phone!

The two comics I drew this summer and got printed for SPX are now up in my Etsy store! Snake of the Day is 32 pages of snakes with feelings and Tomato Cafe will make you feel great about cafes again.

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